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'B&B Houseboat between Amsterdam Windmills'


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The Netherlands



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The Amsterdam Aker windmill in the 19th century along the "Black Path" /Old Aecker road

The Top of the original Amsterdam Aker windmill  is removed.

Lunch at the "Akermolen" (The Aker Windmill)

The Windmill of Sloten is on walking distance on the east side of our Bed and breakfast Amsterdam houseboat

There,s a statue of Rembrandt van Rijn and his wife Saskia, in the windmill is a small permanent exhibition of Rembrandt,

Next to the Windmill you can visit the cooperage museum and the cheesefarm,

The Windmill is every day open and still works !!

The defense line of Amsterdam (in Dutch: Stelling van Amsterdam) was build to protect Amsterdam against  enemies by pumping water in the polders, the soldiers of the enemy where drowned and the ships of the enemy where useless while the level of the water was to low to reach Amsterdam, these famous watermanagement succeeded very succesfully and are now Unesco heritage listed and protected.

Fort Spijkerboor Veldhuis Defense line of Amsterdam

Fort at Vijfhuizen defense line

Fort at Aalsmeer

Pampus island in the South Sea {Zuiderzee)

Defense line of Amsterdam: Island Pampus

Dry canal at Pampus to defend this Island

Map of Pampus save for printing

Sea level now without waterworks and polders!!


 Harbour of Amsterdam Maritim Museum

Westertoren and next to it the Anne Frank Museum

Unesco protected Canal Area near Rijksmuseum

Harbour of Amsterdam


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History and interesting spots in and near Amsterdam

100 meter from our Bed and breakfast Amsterdam Houseboat you can see the Aker windmill, in the mill you can see the original waterhole and foundation,

about 1000 years ago the first habitants build windmills to fight against the water, the big lake "Haarlemmermeer" became bigger every year,

The Star is the position of our Houseboat at the border of the Haarlemmer lake , (map 1785), at the moment that Amsterdam and Haarlem where almost overflowed, and the Windmills coudn,t handle the hugh water flow, the Dutch decided that the big lake should became a big polder, it took years to build the waterworks, from England came the big steam driven pumps to pump the lake empty, and a hugh dike all around the lake was necessary to keep the water away.

Pumping station "Lijnden" is about 2 miles away from our houseboat.

Pumping station "Halfweg" is also a nice museum nearby,

Halfweg means halfway, which stands for the border located between Amsterdam and Haarlem

Pumping station "Cruquius" is a fascinating pumpstation and museum

Together with the windmills in the area the steam pumping stations succeeded to pump the Haarlemmer lake dry in a few years.

Save and Print this map to go cycling all around the defense line of Amsterdam.

To reach Pampus Island you can take the boat from  Muiden, you should visit the Castle of Muiden, a wonderful  history from the Medieval. The combination of these 2 trips takes a whole day, but it,s a great experiance.

Amsterdam Haarlemmermeer polder Sealevel drawing

Polder with windmills

Delta water works

Kinderdijk Windmills nearby Amsterdam

Amsterdam Rijksmuseum the Nightwatch Rembrandt

Amsterdam Rijksmuseum

Amsterdam Dam square

Amsterdam Central station

Amsterdam Canal area Unesco Nieuwmarkt De Waag


City of Haarlem: Frans Hals Museum

Canal area Amsterdam Unesco listed protected heritage


Print this City Map of Amsterdam for tram or bus,

our B&B Houseboat is located on this Amsterdam city map